Saturday 24th January 6 miles


I drove to Pensarn and parked up looking for good 6 mile day.  The sun was shining but it was cold and a bit windy.

Walked along and wondered if I would get to the big hill before or after completing my 3rd mile.  Turned out I hit the mile 3 point right at the top of the hill.  Was pleased to have got there though as when I looked down I could see hundreds and hundreds of puffins on the cliffs below.  Took a picture as there were so many of them just enjoying their day, out of the sight of all man.

Turned back at top of the hill and returned to the car.  Wouldn’t have seen those puffins if had been on my bike!


Sunday 18th January 6 miles – Wirral Way


Me & D on a freezing cold day.  We parked up in Neston and set off towards West Kirby.

When we set off the ground was lovely and crunchy as the puddles had all frozen but it started to sleet/rain as we walked and so by the time we were returning it was all muddy and horrible but still felt freezing cold.

We wanted to get 6 miles so kept going until Map my Ride said we had done 3 which just happened to be just past Heswall.  We then returned and got really cold and wet.  A bit of a miserable day.

Sunday 11th January 4 miles


Me & D parked up in Blacon just next to the Deeside Dawdle path and set off towards Chester.  We headed in towards the city by the Northgate ponds and came up through some houses/flats along side the leisure centre.  We took the underpass to bring us out towards Love Lane and walked down to the canal.

We followed the canal back to the Deeside path and back to the car.

Saturday 10th January an aborted walk – just 1.32 miles


Knowing that I had to make the most of my time in January I went to Prestatyn on the Saturday afternoon.

I paid my 50p to park in the seafront car park even though I could see the tide was right in and due to strong winds the waves were crashing over the car park.

I parked up at the back and set off into the wind…I didn’t get very far.  It was vicious.  The only other people around were staying firmly locked up in their vehicles and looked at me as though I was mad.  I was determined though, and what’s more I had paid my 50p.

I got to the end of the car park and turned into the dunes at the first opportunity.  Not only was walking into the wind a near impossibility but it was freezing and as the car park gave way to the dunes the waves were crashing over the promenade and there really was nowhere to walk.

I headed inland through the caravan park and through a housing estate which was all pretty boring and back the long way to the car.

A thoroughly disappointing day.

Sunday 4th January 3 miles


With D we drove to Bagilt & parked up just by a railway bridge.  crossed the bridge and wanted to try and connect the Wales Coast Path bits up.  The book I recently bought had mentioned a dragon sculpture in Bagillt but neither of us recalled seeing it even though we thought we must have done most of the path.

We set off towards Mostyn and well, when the dragon sculpture came into view we were astounded, we hadn’t seen it before!  It is quite impressive and sits right on the top of a hill so you can’t miss it.

We continued on the path to try and reach the point we had got to coming from Mostyn.  It took longer than we had thought it would but we did eventually come across the car spares yard and the railway bridge where we had previously been trapped by the cows going in to milk.  That had been a scary day (one of the cows had followed us along the path and we had them in front and behind us and they didn’t seem friendly).

We then went back and on approaching the car hadn’t quite got 3 miles so I went over the railway bridge again just to make sure I achieved it.

Thursday 1st January 5 miles


Didn’t map it, but think we have worked out what it was!  Hadn’t long been back from hols and J had gone off into movie watching marathon.  He & D booked to go to the cinema and me & D decided to squeeze in a quick wander out first.

We parked up in Flint but not at the castle but on the Ind. park nearer the interesting part of the path to see if we could link up to where we had got back to from Mostyn.

We reached Bagillt but had seriously run out of time as D had to get back for the cinema.  We thought it would be quicker to get back by following the roads so set off along Bagillt high street and along Coleshill area back to the car.

It was a nice walk but was quite windy and started to rain as we were walking back and as we were also up against the clock it was a bit of a panic at the end.  We still didn’t manage to link the Coast path either.