Wildlife I’ve seen


Puffins. – Literally hundreds on them on the cliffs just below me on the coast path by Llandulas.

Sea Otter. – In the sea just off the beach as I was walking the coast path away from Pensarn.

Dolphins. – Seen then in captivity in the Florida Keys but also saw a pod of them out at sea in Tenerife.  I was walking the path just above Alcala.

Owls. – Saw a snowy owl in the wild in the fields just outside Wantage back in about 1990 and saw another – might have been a tawny, hunting for food along the marsh track from Deeside Industrial Park to Wirral.

Pair of Badgers. – Walking through a field near Whitford and came across them snuggling in the undergrowth.  When they saw us they ran off but not until one of them came towards us and gave an almighty vicious growl.

A HUGE Bull. – In the fields between Flint and Bagillt.  He was absolutely enormous!



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