The Done List

  1. Visit Machu Pichu, Peru and Equador – sat on the Equator.
  2. Got married in a castle.
  3. Flown in both a helicopter and a very small (3 person) airplane.
  4. Paid far too much for a pair of shoes (jimmy choo & marc Jacobs)
  5. Been Skiing
  6. Had a baby
  7. Visit a paradise beach
  8. Buy a house – and sold for a profit
  9. Start my own business – and employed my own staff
  10. Gain some quialifications
  11. Live in London
  12. Had a tattoo
  13. Been to Wembly and watched important football (FA cup, premiership, Europeans, big clubs, international games etc)
  14. Watched top class cricket – England, Windies, Southaftrica etc at the Kensington Oval, Barbados.
  15. Dined at La Gavroche.
  16. Dined 3* Michelein at Qui Que Dacosta
  17. Watched the ballet – Nutcracker suite in Tivoli gardens
  18. been to the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.
  19. Been to a Baseball game (Including Tailgating beforehand)
  20. Been to music festivals including Reading and Phoenix
  21. So many note worthy art galleries (Florence, Amsterdam, Milwaukee, Liverpool)



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