My Bucket List

  1. Own a motor home with bikes on the back.
  2. Finally conquer my fear of sick.
  3. Visit 3 remote i.e. cant fly direct to, Caribean islands.
  4. Visit every US state
  5. Cycle a route of over 250 miles
  6. Dine & stay in La Manoir
  7. Do a formal study of history (poss degree or maybe just a level)
  8. Hit £1m turnover in my business (cumulative!!)
  9. Stay in the Ice Hotel
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Own a Zagliani or Chanel handbag (over £800)
  12. Finish my family history website
  13. Link my Rue tree with the other Somerset Rue tree or at least identify all floating Somerset Rues.
  14. Master a difficult Yoga position like Shoulderstand but probably not that one.
  15. Write a book (probably my family history) & sell at least 10 copies.
  16. Raise Jacob to adulthood a confident happy individual.
  17. Work in a museum or archive library. (history or art)
  18. Ride in a hot air balloon
  19. Do some kind of charity work
  20. Visit POW camp in Poland
  21. Mozart in Vienna
  22. Do a First Aid course
  23. Make a college of trees
  24. Clear all credit card debt
  25. Pay off mortgage
  26. Learn to play piano
  27. Learn to speak Spanish.
  28. Stay in a Lighthouse for a few nights

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