Thursday 1st January 5 miles


Didn’t map it, but think we have worked out what it was!  Hadn’t long been back from hols and J had gone off into movie watching marathon.  He & D booked to go to the cinema and me & D decided to squeeze in a quick wander out first.

We parked up in Flint but not at the castle but on the Ind. park nearer the interesting part of the path to see if we could link up to where we had got back to from Mostyn.

We reached Bagillt but had seriously run out of time as D had to get back for the cinema.  We thought it would be quicker to get back by following the roads so set off along Bagillt high street and along Coleshill area back to the car.

It was a nice walk but was quite windy and started to rain as we were walking back and as we were also up against the clock it was a bit of a panic at the end.  We still didn’t manage to link the Coast path either.


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