Sunday 8th March – 3 miles wandering above Hendre


Took D to see the possible cottage to purchase just above Hendre.  Parked up in the small car park at the west end of the nature reserve and walked up the hill & along the cottage driveway.  Cottage obviously unoccupied so had a good nose around before following the footpath through the woods.  Was a very poor path but did eventually come back good.  Seems nobody has been through the woods this winter, maybe it will be repaired for the spring.

Came out by Big Wood and showed D the signpost before advising him it’s not worth the walk around. The signpost had been covered in bird poo since Friday.

We then set off to show him the old disussed quarry I found on Friday.  He was very impressed but wanted to know more about when it was operational.  He said that if we had noted the name of the quarry from the big wood sign we could search for it.  I said there was no name on the sign but he was convinced it was there.  We trekked back up hill to the sign at the entrance to Big wood.  There it said “Chwarel Quarry” I laughed all the way home but D really ought to have known, as I did that Chwarel is just the Welsh word for Quarry!!!

We followed the road back down the hill instead of taking the footpath, had another quick look at the cottage before heading home.

A nice pootley afternoon.


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