Sunday 4th January 3 miles


With D we drove to Bagilt & parked up just by a railway bridge.  crossed the bridge and wanted to try and connect the Wales Coast Path bits up.  The book I recently bought had mentioned a dragon sculpture in Bagillt but neither of us recalled seeing it even though we thought we must have done most of the path.

We set off towards Mostyn and well, when the dragon sculpture came into view we were astounded, we hadn’t seen it before!  It is quite impressive and sits right on the top of a hill so you can’t miss it.

We continued on the path to try and reach the point we had got to coming from Mostyn.  It took longer than we had thought it would but we did eventually come across the car spares yard and the railway bridge where we had previously been trapped by the cows going in to milk.  That had been a scary day (one of the cows had followed us along the path and we had them in front and behind us and they didn’t seem friendly).

We then went back and on approaching the car hadn’t quite got 3 miles so I went over the railway bridge again just to make sure I achieved it.


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