Saturday 7th March 7 miles


Parked at MB Motors blue bridge and set off along Deeside Dawdle to Blacon.  Wanted to go for 3 miles then return. Found it hard going even though flat and a nice day although a bit windy.  Third mile was really tough and pace was appalling down to 19 minutes a mile so as punishment for tardiness I made myself go an extra 1/2 mile!  Turned around at the main Blacon turnoff and went back. Checked distance after coming off blue bridge and it was only 6.73 so did a further 250 steps (yes, I counted them) and back to the car to ensure the 7 miles was achievd and indeed it was. Very slow time though.  Loving the clouds and the smells today. There was an excellent tree in full blossom right on the England/Wales border I think it was an elderflower but took a picture anyway.


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