Friday 6th March 4 miles


It was a glorious day but I was stuck in the office on my own all day with loads to do,  I decided to say sod it and posted a note on the door to say gone for lunch for 1/2 hour.  Set off around the drovers trail trying to find a footpath towards Cilcain but failed on that.  Came all the way around the woods and quite a way along the drive to the road but spotted a bridleway which kind of switched back but above the woods.  Took that and it was a good path over the hill past some farms and houses.  Came out at entrance to Big Wood. Walked the circular footpath through that but wasn’t very inspiring. Back to the road and saw a footpath down so decided to try it – wow! By taking a left path, it was clearly marked but covered Iin fallen trees, I found what can only be a long abandoned quarry.  Full of trees now and the path all covered in moss but awesome place.  Couldn’t see a way out though and was very short of time by now so retraced steps back to main footpath and continued down hill, through a small wood to the road.  Then saw the drive to Tydyyn y Barcut cottage which looks very interesting but again no time to go any further so down to bottom of hill and back to work.  Had been gone 90 minutes by then!


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