Tuesday 3rd March – 4 tough miles!


After being sent home early from Jury service (there were no cases to try) me & D decided to get a quick bonus walk in. It was a nice dry day but very very windy so shelter was a consideration.
We set off to go to Loggerheads with the intention of me showing him the Leete Path from the car park there past Devils Gorge but on the way there I changed my mind and we parked at the Pantymwyn end of the Leete Path at the little car park on the river at the bottom of the hill.
We then walked the Leete path to Devils Gorge as D didn’t remember it. We then decided to try somewhere new so retraced our steps back to the car, we crossed the river and followed the road back up the hill towards Cilcain. We were following the OS map looking to link up with Hendre.
We turned right just before going into Cilcain and then took a style into the fields, crossing a few empty fields which despite the path having been muddy were quite clear. The footpath was well marked and took us right through a farm, literally just in the yard past their doors and windows etc.
Following the path brought us up to the old now disused quarry. There was a view point which was amazing. We followed the path for a bit longer before heading right as the quarry continued left so that we could try to circle back to the car on the other side of the river.
The valley down was steep narrow a quite scary but now I’ve done it not too bad. There was a foot bridge just before the caravan park which we crossed over the river before a steep narrow and slightly scary climb back up the valley before following the path back to the start of the Leete path and back down the road to the car.
A strenuous walk with the steep hills and valleys and my thighs have really felt it the next day but it kept us sheltered from the wind and was most enjoyable.


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