Saturday 21st February 2015 – 5 miles.


Totally unexpectedly woke up to snow this morning. Wasn’t really cold enough so it had mostly cleared by afternoon but it remained wet cold and rather windy. Wanted to do a couple of hours walk but thought most places would be too muddy. Had planned on going to the Blue bridge and doing 3 miles along the path then returning but as i was getting ready to go could only find 1 of my socks. Since buying my proper walking socks on 1st Feb I’ve not put my boots on without them so was not going to go without today. Had planned on getting a second pair anyway so that purchase was just brought forward. As that meant going to Saltney to Go Outdoors that decided the route for the day.
Parked up on the road right outside Go Outdoors and headed down river to Saltney Ferry Bridge. Crossed the bridge & headed up river to Chester. Had fun imagining what was going on in the football as Could hear the cheering and jeering as I walked along. Turned out Chester lost 0-1to Eastleigh. Didn’t know whether to go back the same way or continue on for a loop so decided that if I reached 3 miles before reaching The Cop park then would turn around at that point and retrace. Hadn’t reached 3 miles by the park so was committed to ploughing onwards. Went around race course up steps and along railway bridge. Still don’t know if the footpath goes through the golf club so went through housing estate instead. Had quite a muddy time then along path until came back into Saltney industrial estate and back to the car.
Had hoped for 6 miles but only just hit 5 as I unlocked the car. 5.03 on map my walk. Some fast times though including one at 15 mind.


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