What this section is all about.


I bought Country Walking magazine today and in there they posted a challenge. The challenge was to walk 1000 miles in 2015. This sounded good to me as I am always looking for new challenges and new ways to keep my walking totals going in an upward trend.
They suggested that people should record their miles and I decided that every time I do a decent length walk then I would record it here. I will start with yesterday then today and hope to backdate for most of the walks done so far this year.
When I got home and actually started to look at this I realised that 1000 miles in a year is actually not that challenging. It equates to an average of 2.74 miles each day and I already have a target of achieving at least 5000 steps every day which actually equates to about 2.5 miles. I hope that I might be able to write about 1000 steps this year which would not count all those easy miles achieved whilst doing just normal boring everyday business.


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