So I’ve just read an article on a Yoga site about 10 things you should never eat.  I won’t link to it as there was hardly a single word of it that made any sense to me.  The gist was don’t eat hydrogenated oils and don’t eat processed vegetable oils instead everyone should eat coconut oils and cacao butter, and don’t eat traditional dairy instead everyone should eat plant based milks like almond and coconut.

How the hell do these people think we can sustain everyone switching off from “cow dairy” to “plant dairy” !

I am no expert (although I’m trying to understand these things more) but I suspect that there isn’t enough coconut, cacao or almond to cope with an increase in demand for these products without them being modified and farmed which just passes the problem.

Why don’t these people consider the implications of what they are suggesting.

I am all for improving the conditions of dairy cows, minimising the harmful processes currently utilised to keep up with demand, and I believe that these improvements are already being worked on.  Just moving the demand to a new area is going to set things back many years.

Just saying.


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