I love music.  It is so awesome.  On a number of occasions today a song has really struck me and resonated in a beautiful way.

It is easy to forgot how lovely music is sometimes when we have it all around us all of the time.  We become complacent.

Today Music has made a great day even better….

(For the record it was New England by Red Box, Sweetest Smile by Black, The Feeling by Throwing Muses, Titanium by David Guetta, Fire by Ellie Goulding, Only Living boy in New Cross by Carter USM etc etc)


Our bodies


Our bodies are just vessels.  No different than our cars or our houses.  They are simply the “thing” that carries around our soul/heart/mind/life force.

We should not get hung up about them.  We should do what we can to look after them – they are with us for the whole of our life.  We can do various things to improve their condition and their appearance but they do not (or should not) define what we are.

Some people have old cars that cost them relatively nothing yet they spend all their time and efforts on looking after them.  Other people spend tens of thousands of pounds on flash expensive cars that they abuse and don’t look after.  The same with houses.  The same with bodies.

Wildlife I’ve seen


Puffins. – Literally hundreds on them on the cliffs just below me on the coast path by Llandulas.

Sea Otter. – In the sea just off the beach as I was walking the coast path away from Pensarn.

Dolphins. – Seen then in captivity in the Florida Keys but also saw a pod of them out at sea in Tenerife.  I was walking the path just above Alcala.

Owls. – Saw a snowy owl in the wild in the fields just outside Wantage back in about 1990 and saw another – might have been a tawny, hunting for food along the marsh track from Deeside Industrial Park to Wirral.

Pair of Badgers. – Walking through a field near Whitford and came across them snuggling in the undergrowth.  When they saw us they ran off but not until one of them came towards us and gave an almighty vicious growl.

A HUGE Bull. – In the fields between Flint and Bagillt.  He was absolutely enormous!


Places I’ve Visited


Germany – Hamburg

Belgium – Brussels

Canaries – Tenarife

USA California – LA & San Diego

Mexico – Tijuana over the border

Pacific – Bali








Florence & Tuscany

The Dordogne

Amalfi Coast, Pompei & Vesuvius


St Lucia






Milwaukee & Wisconsin

Florida – Orlando & The Keys

Croatia & Dubrovnic

Spain – the costa near Benidorm

Ireland – Dublin, Giants Causeway, Bushmills, Wicklow Way, Waterford, Kevins Kitchen

Agadir Morocco


The Done List

  1. Visit Machu Pichu, Peru and Equador – sat on the Equator.
  2. Got married in a castle.
  3. Flown in both a helicopter and a very small (3 person) airplane.
  4. Paid far too much for a pair of shoes (jimmy choo & marc Jacobs)
  5. Been Skiing
  6. Had a baby
  7. Visit a paradise beach
  8. Buy a house – and sold for a profit
  9. Start my own business – and employed my own staff
  10. Gain some quialifications
  11. Live in London
  12. Had a tattoo
  13. Been to Wembly and watched important football (FA cup, premiership, Europeans, big clubs, international games etc)
  14. Watched top class cricket – England, Windies, Southaftrica etc at the Kensington Oval, Barbados.
  15. Dined at La Gavroche.
  16. Dined 3* Michelein at Qui Que Dacosta
  17. Watched the ballet – Nutcracker suite in Tivoli gardens
  18. been to the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.
  19. Been to a Baseball game (Including Tailgating beforehand)
  20. Been to music festivals including Reading and Phoenix
  21. So many note worthy art galleries (Florence, Amsterdam, Milwaukee, Liverpool)


My Bucket List

  1. Own a motor home with bikes on the back.
  2. Finally conquer my fear of sick.
  3. Visit 3 remote i.e. cant fly direct to, Caribean islands.
  4. Visit every US state
  5. Cycle a route of over 250 miles
  6. Dine & stay in La Manoir
  7. Do a formal study of history (poss degree or maybe just a level)
  8. Hit £1m turnover in my business (cumulative!!)
  9. Stay in the Ice Hotel
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Own a Zagliani or Chanel handbag (over £800)
  12. Finish my family history website
  13. Link my Rue tree with the other Somerset Rue tree or at least identify all floating Somerset Rues.
  14. Master a difficult Yoga position like Shoulderstand but probably not that one.
  15. Write a book (probably my family history) & sell at least 10 copies.
  16. Raise Jacob to adulthood a confident happy individual.
  17. Work in a museum or archive library. (history or art)
  18. Ride in a hot air balloon
  19. Do some kind of charity work
  20. Visit POW camp in Poland
  21. Mozart in Vienna
  22. Do a First Aid course
  23. Make a college of trees
  24. Clear all credit card debt
  25. Pay off mortgage
  26. Learn to play piano
  27. Learn to speak Spanish.
  28. Stay in a Lighthouse for a few nights

Saturday 24th January 6 miles


I drove to Pensarn and parked up looking for good 6 mile day.  The sun was shining but it was cold and a bit windy.

Walked along and wondered if I would get to the big hill before or after completing my 3rd mile.  Turned out I hit the mile 3 point right at the top of the hill.  Was pleased to have got there though as when I looked down I could see hundreds and hundreds of puffins on the cliffs below.  Took a picture as there were so many of them just enjoying their day, out of the sight of all man.

Turned back at top of the hill and returned to the car.  Wouldn’t have seen those puffins if had been on my bike!